Venue History

The Past

In 1895 James Ramsay McColl located his business hardware and brass foundry business at 99 Lipson Street Port Adelaide where it was operated by his family as a Coppersmith/Hardware. During this time he was responsible for manufacturing, plumbing and pipe work in this building for many earlier projects in South Australia such as the boilers for the Parkside Asylum 1902 and pipework for the water supply to Broken Hill.

The Present

In 1999 the property came up for sale and it was safe to say the ol’ foundry had seen better days. Found in the dilapidated shape of disrepair, it wasn’t until 2017, it was finally restored and renovated to what we see today. Many features and elements remain intact from its former glory, including machinery and fixtures. Originally opened in 2019, by the previous owners, as the new caretakers of Studio 99 since 2022, we have made it our objective to keep the original vision alive, to continue to showcase fantastic artwork whilst appreciating the art of whisky, in the company of good people.

Venue hire

The Art Bar is available for exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, private functions and group bookings.